Philadelphia’s District Attorney’s Office Agrees To Grant Meek Mill A New Trial

The Philadelphia District Attorney’s Office said in court today that Meek Mill should be granted a new trial with his decade-old gun and drug charges vacated. This decision was a small but clear victory for Meek’s legal team, who broke the news to cheering supporters awaiting the decision, which you can watch above.

Meek’s legal team was actually hoping that the District Attorney’s Office would call for the hometown rap hero‘s release from prison. But judge Genece E. Brinkley, who sentenced Meek to two to four years in prison back in November, outright refused to hear arguments for his release on bail. At least the District Attorney’s Office acknowledged the corruption informing Meek’s case, citing the questionable credibility of arresting officer Reginald Graham, according to The Philadelphia Inquirer.

The District Attorney’s Office made this decision amid growing public support for Meek, as exemplified by the Reform Philly rally that ran from 8 AM to noon today outside the Philadelphia Criminal Justice Center. While Meek’s label boss Rick Ross and fellow Philly native Lil Uzi Vert were expected to attend the demonstration, one of the higher-profilele attendees ended up being Philadelphia Lieutenant Governor Mike Stack. “Everybody needs to stand up for justice,” he said, according to Meek Mill’s Twitter.

Judge Brinkley still has to sign off on the District Attorney’s Office’s decision, though The Philadelphia Inquirer reports that Meek’s legal team will also file motions with higher courts for his release “immediately.”