Phonte Pushes Back His New Solo Album So He Can ‘Get It Right’ For Fans

Phonte Pushes The Album Back
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Phonte Coleman, aka Phonte from Little Brother, has officially pushed back his new album No New Is Good News. The follow-up to his excellent solo debut, Charity Starts at Home, will now be released in 2017. The reason? He’s got his hands in too many pots at the moment and wants to put more work into the album.

Phonte broke the news directly to his fans via Twitter on Monday morning in a series of messages. The first tweet reads, “My sophomore solo album ‘No News Is Good News’ will drop at the top of 2017. My workload this year is too hectic, and I wanna get it right.” For disappointed fans, he offers them other alternatives for them to listen to while they wait for the album. He wrote, “In the meantime, please enjoy the 2 other projects I’ve produced this year: @Zo3hree5ive‘s #SkyBreak and #Tigallerro with @IAmEricRoberson.”

Phonte spoke on the album a little less than a month ago. In the interview, he discussed the motivations for making another solo album as well as the concept behind No News Is Good News. “I think in 2016, I never thought we’d be a society where if you log on to social media and you see a person’s name repeatedly your first thought is that they died or something bad happened,” he said. “That’s so crazy. If you ain’t hearing about someone you think they fell off.”

Tay’s been consistently putting out quality material since LB separated. The album’s pushback is just an effort to maintain the consistency he’s shown time and time again with new releases.