Pimp C’s Wife Has Some Words For Young Thug In Response To His Lyrics About Her Late Husband On ‘Big Bs’

Young Thug shouts out the great Pimp C on his new collaboration with Chance The Rapper, “Big B’s,” referencing the late rapper’s verse on “Int’l Players Anthem,” saying, “Pimp C, I ain’t doing that, I’ma f*ck her on the sheets / And all my n*ggas loyal like Bun B.” It’s a pretty clear riff on Pimp’s “Players” line that goes: “My b*tch a choosy lover, never f*ck without a rubber / Never in the sheets, like it on top of the cover.” It reads as a pretty straightforward homage, if a little goofy. Rappers from Jay-Z to ASAP Rocky have shouted out the Texas great, so it makes sense for Thug to hop on the bandwagon, since Pimp C put on Southern rappers so thoroughly as one half of legendary rap duo U.G.K. alongside Bun B.

But Chinara Butler, the late Port Arthur, Texas rapper’s widow, definitely feels a way about the reference, and took to her Instagram to let the world know exactly what time it is. “I’m feeling a certain kind of way about Young Thug and Jeffery verse. “He mentioned Chad, he said something like, ‘Pimp C, I ain’t doing that’ where he disagrees with it or whatever. My thing is if Chad was alive, you wouldn’t mention him in that song the way you did, so don’t do it now. So, watch your mouth. He’s not here to have that conversation with you, but I am.”

It looks like Mrs. Butler may not have been feeling the reference, but it’s also entirely possible she only heard about it secondhand. Either way, maybe Young Thug should have a sit down with her, if only because of potentially fruitful creative ideas that might come of it. Collaboration is always worth more than conflict. The full video of Mrs. Butler’s address for Young Thug is up top.