Play The ‘What Is Young Thug Saying?’ Game And Test Your Allegiance To Thugger

08.30.16 3 years ago 2 Comments

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Ever wonder what the hell Young Thug is actually saying on speaker-smashing records like “Digits,” “Hercules” and “Best Friend”? You’re not alone.

Although ATL’s next eclectic superstar has quite a few characteristics that set him far apart from the average MC, his marble-mouthed delivery is atop the list. That’s why some web development geniuses with turned up taste in rap music developed a new internet game called What Is Young Thug Saying?

The well-titled game is free and easy to play, offering twenty different snippets of the YSL rapper slurring out phrases from his most popular songs, then offering users four different selections of lyrics to choose the proper answer from.

Aside from being a hilarious concept at its core, the game is designed quite well and easy to blow through, when you have five minutes to kill. The best part might be how Thugger diehards, who have been denying his lyrics are hard to understand for years, will finally be able to fall victim to their savior’s super loose street speak.

If you do manage to get 100% of the questions right, consider yourself more than a true fan. Consider applying to NASA and trying to secure a job understanding extraterrestrial languages. Because, you’re clearly a pro.

Play What Is Young Thug Saying? right here.

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