Post Malone Went On Adult Swim’s Absurd ‘FishCenter’ Web Show And Got Bitten By A Fish

11.01.17 1 year ago

Adult Swim’s FishCenter is a totally bizarre, daytime, aquatic, call-in web show that doesn’t make much sense, and that’s what makes it great. That’s also what makes it a perfect venue for musical guests willing to get goofy and show some personality. Alvvays had a great time on a recent episode: They got to perform some songs, take a Canadian Thanksgiving quiz, and play the Alvuvuzelays Noise Game.

During yesterday’s episode (a special two-hour episode, by the way), Post Malone was the guest, and as they tend to on FishCenter, things got weird. He stuck his finger in a fish tank and got bitten by a fish named Hamburger; “Yeah, it f*cking hurt” was his response. He also got to play a riveting game of “Guess This Gourd,” and he explained to a caller why he’s not a history professor: “No, I’m not smart enough. I used to be smart but then I started doing drugs.”

Post also got to sniff some hands:

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