Watch Post Malone Lose His Cool In Chilling Scenes From ‘Ghost Adventures’

Most rappers like to portray themselves as the coolest guy in the room – but that goes out the window when you feel the cool presence of spirits. Just ask Post Malone, who was the latest guest on Ghost Adventures. The show chronicles the adventures of Zak Bagans and his crew as they travel to some of the scariest places in the world. The team took Post along for their latest crusade, as they traversed the haunted Slaughterhouse in Tucson, Arizona in search of spirits from the other side.

The clips from the episode, which aired on January 13th, show Post rightfully spooked of the “heavy” energy in the house. He told one of the ghost hunters that he felt two fingers “jab” his neck – which was later confirmed by the spirit itself. The proceedings got even more terrifying as Bagans gets seemingly possessed while talking to Post. The “Rockstar” artist repeatedly asked Bagans if he was “alright,” looking for some assurances and a reason not to be sweating profusely in the chilly atmosphere.

Post was clearly spooked in the Slaughterhouse, but looked at the experience fondly, tweeting that he got to live his dream and investigate with the Ghost Adventures team. He also admitted that he was scared “sh*tless” from the inexplicable noises and slamming doors. Post is a one-of-a-kind person in many respects, but when it comes to the prospect of ghosts, he’s petrified like the rest of us.