Trying To Figure Out Who The Hell ‘Power’s’ Tariq Thinks He’s Talking To

Tariq is at peak teenage drama on the latest episode of Power. After bringing his father’s mistress’ gun to school in an earlier episode, resenting his pops for moving out, and not showing enough emotions following Shawn’s death, Jamie and Tasha St. Patrick’s baby boy has officially lost his damn mind.

In an intense scene between mother and son, Tariq’s “Yes you do [hate dad]. God, you’re such a f*cking liar, just like him,” earns him a smack across the face from Tasha. However, Tasha never connects. Her slap gets deflected when an angry Tariq risks his life by blocking his mother’s disciplinary hand of God. The deflection takes Tasha by total surprise, leaving her completely stunned and speechless that her son just raised his hands on her. Tasha calls Jamie to come talk some sense into their son rather than beating the black off of him. But not even his father can quell the growing fire raging inside a rebellious Tariq.

When Jamie explains to his son that deflecting his mother’s hand was a bad move deserving an apology, an incredibly bold Tariq tests his dad’s gangster by throwing his relationship with Angela Valdes in his face, quipping, “So you want me to apologize like I did to your side bitch, right?” Much like Tasha and I couldn’t figure out who the hell Tariq thought he was talking to, Jamie couldn’t either. The suave club owner quickly turns to ruthless Ghost and forcefully grabs his son by the collar, hitting back, “What the f*ck did you just say motherf*cker?!” At this point I was waiting to see if Tariq’s new pair of balls were real or not. I got my answer when the frightened boy stormed off to his room. But the question of “Who the hell Tariq think he talking to?!” still remains.

So both Jamie and Ghost’s lives are in shambles right now. Jamie can barely keep his home life together. On the business side, his deal with Karen Basset is on the verge of breaking down after Milan forced Ghost to cough up some money or have his family flayed and flambeed. MIlan proves he isn’t f*cking around by inviting himself to Jamie’s home for dinner along with — plot twist — the woman Jamie thought MIlan had killed and was going to get police to investigate her supposed murder in a bid to take Milan down. Oh and, the Serbian brute wants Ghost to start peddling product at his many clubs. thus upping the risk of getting busted and having this entire operation burning to the ground. And speaking of burning, Kanan is still seeking revenge.

The brutal gangster continued with his bloodlust plot to destroy Ghost by killing some poor old lady right after helping her with her groceries. The ironic part was Kanan did it by smothering grandma with a pillow that reads, “Jesus Saves.” Deep AF.

Tommy also finally learns that Holly was pregnant when he blissfully strangled her to death. Now if Tommy didn’t give a damn about anything before…