President Obama’s Favorite Rappers List Is Probably Like Yours… Or Not

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10.28.16 5 Comments

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It’s still mind-blowing to hear the President of these United States talk positively about rap music. Like, Barack Obama is POTUS and he talks about rap music. How insane is that? In fact, I’m 100% sure he’d be part of Rap Debate Twitter if he wasn’t, you know, busy running a whole country. So the moments POTUS can actually sit and talk rap are few and far in between. But just the fact Obama is a hip-hop head is one of the reasons why he’ll be missed.

However, before chucking up the deuce to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, President Obama has one last thing to say: Jay Z is king.

POTUS had a chat with Sway of Sway In The Morning recently and the conversation shifted towards rap. Naturally, because Obama is the same man who was spotted dancing to Drake’s “Hotline Bling” over the weekend. Also the same guy photographed explaining to Nas why he couldn’t “open every cell in Attica and send inmates to Africa.” Okay, that’s probably not what the conversation was about, but it’s a possibility!

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