Pusha T Takes It To The Gentleman’s Club With ‘Circles’ Featuring Desiigner And Ty Dolla $ign

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10.13.16 2 Comments

The G.O.O.D. angels are shining down on all of us this week, people. For the second time in the past 36 or so hours, Pusha T comes through blessing subwoofers and eardrums once again with a new track titled “Circles.” The song is a follow-up to “H.G.T.V,” the flamethrower “Blowbama P” dropped on Wednesday but that’s where the connections end. For this one, Pusha’s taking everybody with him on a trip to the gentleman’s club and he’s even got his favorite prodigy Desiigner and T&A expert Ty Dolla $ign along with him, too. Granted, the locale is different than what we’re used to from the label prez but he manages to make his version of a strip club song work for him.

“Yeah, throw that *ss in a circle, now
Show me how you been workin’ now
I just wanna be certain now
Surgery’s the new workin’ out
Love the way that you perkin’ out
Compliments to your surgeon now
Ain’t no need to be nervous now”

Now, regardless of whom or what, have you ever heard one of the brothers Thorton shortchange listeners on wit? It just doesn’t happen and “Circles” is no exception. Only Push could tell a strip club employee that if they “on the same accord / I’ll take you out that Honda Civic” and have it sound as cool and casual as can be.

Right now, King Push is still floating around in uncertainty. With Pusha starting to increase his output, don’t be surprised if a formal announcement or even a surprise drop happens soon. Four of projects all released during fall and winter in the past. When things get cold, that’s when P seems to warm up the most.

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