Quality Control’s CEO Offers An Impressive Ransom For A Stolen Hard Drive Of Music

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Update: The hard drive is safely back in QC’s possession, per the below post from Pee.

Quality Control Records has relatively swiftly developed a reputation as a label that cranks out hits the way most labels crank out bricks. As the recording home of Cardi B, the City Girls, Migos, Lil Baby, and Lil Yachty, what may seem like a lot of money is a small price to pay for Atlanta’s hottest rap label. That’s a good thing for them too, because CEO Pierre “Pee” Thomas is putting up $20,000 for a hard drive full of music that was stolen from an engineer’s car.

Pee took to Instagram to announce the sizable ransom, writing, “Attention: Atlanta. Whoever just jumped in the Dodge Journey and stole the car at the Chevron on Northside Dr., that was my engineer’s car with an important hard drive in it. I know you just doing what you do and I’m not knocking your hustle, ’cause I used to steal cars in the ’90s. I have 20k cash money for the hard drive back.”

While it’s certainly admirable that Pee is seemingly willing to forgive the slight transgression and clearly has the money to put up (Cardi B and Migos‘ albums both went No. 1 this year), I don’t know that paying off thieves is such a good precedent to set. However, knowing that Atlanta has so much respect for Pee and QC, it’s possible that all future hard drives will be left right where they are, so QC can continue to put the city on.