The NYPD Says It May Have Enough Evidence To Arrest Quavo For Robbing Eric The Jeweler

02.09.18 5 months ago

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The NYPD recently told TMZ that it has enough evidence to arrest Migos member Quavo after he was accused of assaulting Eric The Jeweler at 1Oak nightclub in New York and making off with the victim’s $30,000 chain.

The jeweler says that an altercation with the rapper over unpaid debts turned violent last week, with Quavo physically attacking him and stealing the chain. Meanwhile, TMZ’s sources on that story say that another man was responsible for both the attack and the subsequent robbery.

Quavo’s attorney, Drew Findling, told TMZ that Quavo is innocent and maintains that “this is yet another example of a young, African-American hip-hop star potentially being treated unfairly by the criminal justice system.”

Migos has been embroiled in another recent accusation of assault, but in that case, video evidence proved that the culprits were merely lookalikes who shared a passing resemblance to the dreadlocked trio. In fact, the closest the Migos have ever come to actual violence was an interview gone awry where they merely threatening a goading Joe Budden, an incident the usually grouchy ex-rapper laughed off in a later interview.

Meanwhile, no arrests have been made in the 1Oak club incident and police haven’t yet issued a warrant for Quavo’s arrest. Given how busy he’s been mixing the latest no.1 Migos album, he’ll probably be thankful if nothing comes of the accusation, so he can get back to work.

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