People Are Raking R. Kelly Through Hot Coals For Allegedly Dating A 19-Year-Old Model

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08.08.16 9 Comments

R. Kelly’s name is a trending topic on Twitter for all the wrong reasons. The singer became the topic of discussion amid reports that he’s allegedly involved in a relationship with a young model named Halle Calhoun. Nothing out of the ordinary, until age enters the equation.

Kelly is 49 while Calhoun is reportedly only 19, per Dallas Black.

“So, R. Kelly is reportedly wining and dining a 19-year-old BLASIAN, (or “Blackanese” if you will), girl named Halle. And word on the street is that Kelly has fallen HEAD OVER HEELS for the girl, and is trying to put a ring on it. From her pictures, it is clear that R.Kelly has good taste…She first met R. Kelly while attending his concert in North Carolina.
She was there with her mother…”

Oh boy.

As far as substantiating the rumors goes, the only alleged proof would be references to Calhoun reportedly attending the North Carolina show and another Kelly performance this past weekend in Atlanta. Recently, she also posted two fairly innocent pics to her Instagram that showed the two snuggled together and used captioned phrases like ‘the realist!’ and “the dopest in the game!”

Of course, once Twitter heard the news, opinions started flooding in as users started harping on Calhoun’s age, making references to Aaliyah and other alleged incidents involving Kelly and underage women. One commenter made note of their age difference by saying “R Kelly met his new girlfriend in his son’s kindergarten class and been waiting for her to turn legal ever since.” Ouch.

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