How To Be Your Favorite Rapper For Halloween

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October may suck, but Halloween does not. How can it when you can ditch regular clothes for costumes and get drunk off liquor and sugar from all the candy?

With Fall’s best holiday (not sorry, Thanksgiving) fast approaching, here are some quick Halloween costume ideas for the hip-hop head in you.

Nicki Minaj

Rest in peace to the old, wacky and colorful Nicki Minaj, but you can still pull it off her crazy looks if the new Nicki is just too plain for Halloween. Can’t go wrong either way.

Kodak Black

Nothing says “FREE KODAK!” like dressing up as the Pompano Beach rapper.

Lil Uzi Vert

Honestly, purple locs are really all you need to be Uzi.

21 Savage, Kodak, Yachty

Halloween #squadgoals is dressing up like the new generation of rappers and terrorizing everyone with mumble raps.

Chance The Rapper

The “3” hat is both crucial and essential if you’re trying to pull off Chano.


#NightmareOnMStreet #Halloween

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Travel back to the colorful ’80s with Salt-N-Pepa costumes!

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