Real Talk With 50 Cent

09.27.07 10 years ago

50int got a chance to interview one of the biggest rappers in the game, none other then 50 Cent aka Cuuuurtis. We discussed his new album, “Curtis,” his business ventures, his thoughts on Hip Hop, his top 5 hottest rappers list and if having money has changed him. We were told to focus on business & not the frivolous controversial issues, so of course we had to adhere to that. We had to respect the wishes of Interscope, especially since no other blog gets to interview 50 Cent. 

Interview by Joy Daily
Video Edited by Joy Daily & Nigel Degraff

Part 1
(The new album, rap career, working with LL Cool J, the industry)  

Part 2
(His Top 5 Hottest Rappers, Not Getting Awards, Has money changed him, thoughts on greatest rapper ever)

Part 3
(Business Ventures)

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