RealTalkNY Is Taking Over…Hmm I Sense Some Hating

05.10.07 11 years ago 53 Comments

RealTalkNY = Hardest Working Site On The Net. Eve interview coming in the future…

Also SMH at the Vibe for not giving a shout out

Chamo writes

what does this site and many other HH Blogs do? they just take content from other sites and that’s it, maybe an interview and a picture here and there but that’s it! I could do that and anybody surfing the net could do the same thing, you’re not on the level of sites like allhiphop, hiphopgame or sohh so be humble you’re just a blog like The.Life or Nahright, without other websites you would not exist. that’s real talk right here i’m tired of all those blogs claiming they’re making moves while all they’re doing is snatch content from other sites….

Lol you wilding homey. First of all, all sites get news from other sites, AllHipHop,Sohh are included, you can see several times where they shout me out for getting news from me so what’s your point?(Shout out to my people at both of those sites) How would I not exist without other websites, can you please explain that one to me? My dude you can’t do what I do, you can’t even get into any of these places or get any interviews so how can anybody surfing the net do RealTalkNY? How many of the sites you mention are getting thier own exclusive pics seen no where else on the web(even Fabolous asked me send him some of my pics), getting interviews(including on video), and updating like crazy? Don’t say I jack from OnSmash because sometimes I find the video before them but post their video becuase it’s more clear. Plus they hollered at me to get some of my videos on their site.(Shout out to OnSmash for the great videos)

So just don’t talk about it, start your own site and see if you can really compete since you claim you can do it too, thats REAL TALK.

One more thing, why are you guys comparing me to Sohh and AllHipHop, these sites have a FULL STAFF AND MONEY IN THE BANK, I do this site dolo and its not only about Hip Hop its whatever.

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