RealTalkNY Readers Comment On The Drake Show Riot

06.16.10 9 years ago 29 Comments

I’m Spanish -from Bk, and it’s definitely true that the majority of minorities lack moral values. Not only Moral Values, but common knowledge and civility. I was at the seaport today and the whole time, people where getting upset over being stepped on, pushed, touched and waiting too long. Common knowledge: if you’re at a concert whether it’d be free or not, expect all of the above -and then some to come w/ the package. Can’t deal w/ it? either go the fuck home, or don’t show up at all. It’s as simple as that. We all went for the same reason, to watch an artist perform, not to fight over bullshit, and it’s exactly what happened, why? because minorities don’t know how to act. Maybe if we’d act more civil rather than savage people wouldn’t look at us or treat us like garbage, and maybe, just maybe there could be more free shows for us to enjoy the way Yuppies enjoy theirs, and yes I’ve experienced Both kind of shows and this def. doesn’t happen at those concerts>> People need to grow up.

my question is did you see white people acting up I bet no. Why cause the majority of white people have morals values and principles. They had a well up bringing. We as minorities don’t have that or lack that. I’m Spanish and Im from the bx and I can tell you when it comes to free shit everyone in the hood is gonna go cuss there is bitches free show. And music. It likes they chillin in in their mind VIP room. Thinkin they bosses and think they can do whatever they want. I knew this would happen …… Why…… Cause free show = millions of people going to a place that can hold only thousands. It should have been a first come first show. And yes there should have been more security and police. But does that give people the right to act like cocolos aka savage monkey ( yes it needs to be said cause that what the people in the video acted and show in their behavior) and the comment was made about is wouldn’t happen in. A hippie concert cause it is true you go to hippie shows and they are chill smoking weed and just enjoying the music not fucking up a nice free show.

white people were there too including myself im white, i remember some stoned dumb white dudes climbed on a roof with other dudes and was holding the show people started throwing bottles at him, to be honest it was crazy i expected to come and have great time with couple of my friends but it end it up being a disaster, and a lot of people in there were immatures they just came to wild out. i stood up for 3 hours in squeezed crowd i remember some 2 girls started fighting from no where, then mad dudes were smoking bud, bottles throwing, worst part they were throwing open bottles with juice soda etc in there and people were getting wet and shit. i swear free stuff are never good. i rather pay 100 but know i will see drake perform and have a good time with a crowd what happen today was just SMFH.

I’m disappointed that people are making this a race issue. Free shows with a popular artist are usually a recipe for disaster. The only way for things like this to work is for there to be a set limit of people that can get in and a strong security presence. They should of gave out wristbands or had the show at a less public area so they could control the crowd size and maintain order. Once I heard the show was at the seaport I knew there was no way in hell I was going.

This has nothing to do with race, people are making it seem like if it was an all white audience nothing would of happened. There have been numerous situations where popular white artists such as a, Justin Beiber, have had a public show that lead to a riot. Look into crowd psychology, people in large groups tend to act disorderly due to feeling that they won’t be punished for their behavior. To say that the majority of minorities lack moral values is ignorant, especially coming from a minority.

Video: Drake Free Show In New York Ends In Disaster, Drake Forced Not To Perform

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