Rick Ross, 2 Chainz And Gucci Mane Pool Their Resources To ‘Buy Back The Block’

11.17.16 3 years ago

Communal living is catching on among young folks priced out of ever owning a home in a traditional way. And while Rick Ross, Gucci Mane and 2 Chainz certainly have enough money to buy their own homes, it looks like even they can’t resist the allure of pooling together their resources and buying a few properties. Far from an economic necessity, the three rappers advocate for revitalizing their neighborhoods by snatching up all the property and dropping a few choice drug metaphors.

“Buy Back the Block” is a taste of what we can expect from Rick Ross’ upcoming project for Epic. Rozay honestly might need a little help financially if he wanted to fulfill the mission of the song’s title, and he definitely needs a little help in the airplay department due to his mysterious drop into semi-irrelevance over the last several years. Luckily, he’s got a hitmakers like 2 Chainz and a suddenly skinny, chart-topping Gucci Mane on speed dial. And “Block” is all the better for it.

The timing of this release is interesting. It’s possible that he’s trying to make us all forget Erykah Badu’s claims that she could “whoop the sh*t” out of the Miami rapper. Whatever the reason, it’s not the first time that the Teflon Don has pushed for the betterment of his community. Ross previously teamed up with Habitat For Humanity to build homes for veterans. Check out his latest drop below.

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