Rick Ross’ Instagram Account Is Still Sharing Flashy Posts Despite His Recent Health Scare

Late on Friday afternoon, March 2, it was reported that rapper-entrepreneur Rick Ross had taken ill and was admitted to the hospital with some sort of respiratory problem. While many reports conflicted on the actual issue, with some saying he was hooked up to life support machines (a claim many close to him vehemently denied via social media), the one thing that seemed certain is that he was hospitalized.

However, for some reason, his Instagram is still posting flashy photos, including the one above featuring a closeup shot of Ross’ custom, iced-out Rolex watch and matching bracelet. It might be a little too close up, though — the dial reads “Monday” in the photo, which means that either Ross has been too busy to actually set the correct time and day on his chronograph, or the flick was taken sometime previous to the actual post. Why Ross’ social account would post an old picture two days into a hospital visit is still a mystery, as Ross’ previous health scare posts were quick to confirm his status by actually including Ross himself.

There was one other post that hit during all this hospital drama: A promotion for Rick Ross’ episode of Uncensored on TVOne, which aired Sunday. While that one is understandable — the show must go on, after all — the Rolex post is just confusing, shedding very little light on the current situation at a time when fans are clamoring for more information on the hospitalized entertainer.