Rick Ross Is Reportedly In The Hospital But MMG Artists Deny He’s On Life Support

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UPDATE [9:23 PM EST]: Hip-hop impresario and digital marketing maven Karen Civil also posted a tweet indicating that the situation may not be as dire as previously reported, writing “Just got off the phone with a close source from Rick Ross camp and they reported that he is okay and he was never on life support.

UPDATE [7:35 PM EST]: MMG’s Fat Trel says that he spoke with Rick Ross in the hospital and that he’s not on life support. Nipsey Hussle, who is relatively close to Ross, appears to co-sign with a “facts” comment.


It looks like hip-hop star Rick Ross may be fighting for his life. Earlier today, TMZ reported that the rapper was hospitalized in Miami. Their first report was “a serious medical condition.” Now they’re reporting that Ross “has been hooked up to a machine that’s taking over the function of his heart and lungs” and receiving treatment in the hospital’s cardiac unit. Someone from Ross’ home called 911 at around 3:30 AM this morning after Ross was found breathing heavy and unresponsive.

TMZ says law enforcement was called when Ross came to and became “combative.” He’s now reportedly been treated with ECMO, or extracorporeal membrane oxygenation. ECMO is a process which oxygenates a person’s blood outside of their body, before being pumped back into their body.

Ross has worked hard in recent years to lose weight after a string of health problems in recent years. ABC reports that he had lost over 100 pounds at one point. Ross famously deemed his exercise routine “Ross Fit,” a play off of the “Crossfit” exercise regimen. Hopefully, Ross, who recently had a baby with model Brianna Camille last September, can have a full recovery. He’s planning to release his Port Of Miami 2 project this year.

We will update this post with any further developments.