Watching Rihanna Watch The Grammys Was Better Than The Show Itself

Getty Image

Despite receiving seven nominations, Rihanna was oddly uninvolved in this year’s Grammy Awards. She didn’t win any awards, she never hit the stage to perform and never even introduced anybody or announced a winner. Still, all RiRi needed was a little bit of camera time to steal the show and that’s exactly what she did.

Of course she was dazzling on the red carpet in an orange and black dress that revealed plenty of skin and her angel tattoo on her midsection. But once inside, Rihanna was basically someone for the audience at home to live vicariously through as she enjoyed the hell out of the night with a bedazzled flask in hand, seemingly having the time of her life every time a camera pointed her way.

And because she’s clearly an angel sent from above she took the time to spread her overall cheer to someone at home by Facetiming them during the amazing Prince tribute.

Again, Ri is clearly the greatest friend ever, as she sly passes her flask to her buddy beside her, because sharing is caring.

And later she proclaims, of course, “I think it’s time for another shot.”

It was a glorious night for everybody’s favorite Robyn, and even without a win or a transcendent performance, Rihanna clearly won the night.