Rihanna’s Extravagant, Multi-Colored Gown Just Stole The Entire Red Carpet’s Thunder At The Met Gala

Are you even surprised that Rihanna went all out for the Met Gala? Given her history at the event, as a fashion icon and designer herself, and with the knowledge that the theme was honoring a fellow female designer, Rei Kawakubo, who has a legendary relationship to the avant garde in fashion, it’s hardly a surprise that Ri Ri donned an enormous, multi-colored extremely architectural gown for the event. And yes, it’s from Kawakubo’s Comme Des Garçons line.

So far we’ve only seen her leaving her hotel, but in the glimpses we’ve seen it looks like the floral dress has plenty of cut-outs… Rihanna might be carrying some elements of it herself??

Her legs are wrapped in red string:

And her makeup is super colorful, glittery, glam and pink:

Earlier Pharrell’s wife, Migos, and Katy Perry felt like big moments on the carpet, now they kinda pale in comparison to this:

Of course, everyone is pretty obsessed with the look. She’s done it again. Last year, her all-yellow gown was a show-stopping event all by itself, but this year might just top that, especially considering how safe and off-theme some of the other looks have been. I guess there really is no event that Rihanna can’t become the most interesting player in. Check out more pics below.