Rihanna Tries To End Stupid Stan Wars With A Special Note To Beyonce

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Life is hard for a music lover when you’re both a member of Beyonce’s notorious BeyHive and Rihanna’s Navy. Every day the stan groups fight and bicker over who’s the “biggest and baddest bitch” in the music game and who has the most money, hits, relevancy, etc. Every achievement Rihanna earns is quickly discredited by the BeyHive while The Navy goes on and on about Beyonce using publicity stunts to attract attention and sell albums. Yeah, Stan Culture as a whole sucks ass, but it especially sucks when two talented black women are always pitted against each other when there’s plenty of room for both to flourish, as they have been for years. And despite both women already denying a feud, their fans continue with the social media fuckery.

Rihanna tried to quiet all the rivalry talk with a sweet message to Beyonce, who just announced she’s pregnant with twins. The Bajan beauty reposted Beyonce’s Mother Earth picture and congratulated The Carters, writing on Instagram, “So excited about this news!!!! Congratulations to you @beyonce and my big bro Jay!!!! 👼🏾👼🏾”

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