Robin Thicke Speaks On Not Getting The Cover Of Vibe Due To Being Caucasian

08.29.08 10 years ago 50 Comments

Q: What is it like trying to break the color line from the other side?

Thicke: When I did a recent interview with Vibe magazine I asked, “Why can’t I get the cover? This is a magazine I love. If there’s one magazine that I’d want to be on the cover of, it’s Vibe.” Their response was they don’t have white artists on the cover; that the only white artist they’ve had on the cover was Eminem. I guess if that’s what it is, it is what it is. And I respect that because I live in a house with a black woman.

I won’t use the word “racism.” I will say it’s a tough — but rewarding — fight.

Full Story: Reuters

Not feeling the reverse racism by Vibe magazine, a Robin Thicke cover would sell in the black community.

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