Run The Jewels’ ‘Mean Demeanor’ Brings Some Extra Kick To FIFA18’s Latest Ad

Hip-Hop Editor

FIFA 18‘s latest ad displays the game’s social component with a little extra help from Run The Jewels and the “Tornado Mix” of their new track, “Mean Demeanor.” The plot of the clip is simple; a highlight from a FIFA 18 session goes so incredibly viral that a “tornado kick” goal pulled off by one of the players — with Cristiano Ronaldo, natch — takes on a life of its own, becoming a meme, a social media challenge, a real-life kick move pulled off by the real life Ronaldo, and even the inspiration for a James Harden pickup game lay-in.

It’s a lot more impressive than Ronaldo’s penalty kick from last year that clocked a fan, and it’s certainly something many players may want to try when they get their chance to play the game for themselves on September 29, but it probably won’t go quite as viral as the commercial posits. The game already has rave reviews for its improved gameplay and mind-blowing graphics.

“Mean Demeanor” is also a goal — seriously, check the scoreboard — for Run The Jewels, who may have lost out on a Blade Runner 2049 trailer placement, but have already nailed the trailer for Black Panther, as well as a trippy visual promoting breakout TV hit Rick And Morty.

Check out the full song below as well.

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