RZA’s Account Of What Happened In Russell Crowe’s Suite Won’t Help Azealia Banks

Life Writer
10.20.16 8 Comments

The little shred of credibility combative rapper Azealia Banks had just went out the window now that RZA has come forward with his version of what happened the night he brought Banks to Russell Crowe’s hotel suite for a little get together. Like every other source present at the party has said about the incident, the Wu-Tang producer confirms that it was indeed Banks who was the obnoxious party pooper and not Crowe.

RZA says in a Facebook post that he did indeed invite Banks over to Russell Crowe’s suite and that Banks embarrassed him by being brash, crude and violent. Pretty much what she’s known for now. “Before the night is over Azealia is insulting half the room she becomes loud and obnoxious,” RZA explains.

Banks’ verbal abuse was “tolerated” but things got worse from there. RZA says the 26-year-old rapper then threatened to “cut a girl in the face with glass and then actually grabbed a glass and physically attacks for no logical reason.” The attack was stopped by Russell Crowe who later threw her out for behaving erratically. RZA didn’t have a clue what the hell was up with Banks, writing on Facebook, “I was totally puzzles by her and thought maybe meds or booze or something had her zoned out.” RZA is adamant that contrary to Azealia’s claims, Crowe did not call her by any racial slurs. “I did not hear Russell call her [N-Word]. I’m not trying to protect Russell from anything he is a man of his own Caliber.”

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