Sha Money XL Warns Of The Three Headed Monster(50 Cent, Dr. Dre & Eminem)

09.29.08 9 years ago 117 Comments

All I gotta say is,who said Hiphop is dead?or do you wanna kill ya self?Either way,your dead!You can “Self Destruct” now or” Detox” later,either way your gonna feel “The Empack”. The monster is coming,drop your lp’s right now,2009 will not be your year.There coming… This is for the fans,the streets,the clubs,the east,the west,the south,the blogs the whole HIPHOP World!!

Source: Sha Money XL

Do these three still have the same impact they used to have? We have seen what a long delay can do with Nelly’s recent results, so will Eminem & Dr.Dre still bring in big numbers?

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