Shaq Shared His Thoughts About Drake’s NBA Finals Behavior And Thinks It’s All About ‘Marketing’

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There are a lot of factors involved in this year’s NBA Finals, which is currently tied up with the Raptors and Warriors each having earned a win each so far. Something basketball fans may not have expected at the beginning of the season, though, is how big a role Drake is playing in the series.

His courtside presence has been widely talked about, whether he’s bickering with players. or busting out a Home Alone hoodie. Naturally, there have been plenty of reactions to Drake’s antics. The NBA actually talked about it with the Raptors, and Barack Obama even addressed it. Now former NBA superstar and current commentator Shaquille O’Neal has weighed in and shared his thoughts about the situation.

A TMZ camera man caught up with Shaq, and he said that he’s a fan of what Drake is doing: “[Drake] is just having fun, having a good time. As a guy sitting there watching him on TV, it’s very entertaining. But Drake is a smart guy, he knows what he’s doing. It’s called marketing, people.” The camera man tried to get more out of Shaq, but the big man cut him off to shout at the nearby Jonas Brothers concert that was within earshot.

Former Jeopardy champion James Holzhauer even gave his take Drake, jokingly blaming the rapper’s curse for his recent loss.