Shia LaBeouf Killed His ‘Five Fingers Of Death’ Freestyle On ‘Sway In The Morning’

Though most people won’t admit it in so many words, the bulk of Shia LaBeouf news is a way to point and laugh at how odd he is. Yes, he has tattoos of Missy Elliott on his knees. Yes, he does weird art projects. Yes, he occasionally gets arrested for public intoxication. But we didn’t learn his name for no reason. The man has talent, both as an actor and — apparently — as a rapper. LaBeouf absolutely killed his “Five Fingers of Death” freestyle on Sway In The Morning.

The challenge — which throws five beats at freestyling guests — has tripped up plenty of people. But the guy from Even Stevens didn’t falter once, delivering some truly impressive lines over Tupac, Biggie and Elliott beats. Throughout the freestyle he referenced his own controversies,the craziness of rapping for Sway and the host’s past on MTV.

“This shit’s going viral, yup I’m taking over. Better than I’ve been alert, alert sober, me, I’ve been a G since he knew Kurt Loder,” Shia rapped at one point.

The hosts could hardly believe it — a sentiment that was shared by fans on Twitter.

Apparently, he’s gotten better since the last time we saw him rap. Who knew that seeing Shia do well would feel so good?