Smino Announces His 2019 ‘Hoopti’ International Tour

Getty Image

Smino is one of the most exciting and eccentric voices to arrive in rap in the last few years. After a strong debut with 2017’s Blkswn, the St. Louis-raised, Chicago-bred rapper doubled down this past November with the bright and jittery follow-up Noir. The album puts Smino’s vocal sinuousness on full display and sports standout guest appearances from fellow Chicago scenesters Dreezy, Valee, and Ravyn Lenae.

On Monday, Smino announced that he’s taking the show on the road in 2019. The 27-year-old rapper broke the news via a funny promotional skit posted to Instagram and Twitter this morning. In it, “Jethro James” is the proprietor of “Low Key Decent Auto Sales” — a seemingly less-than-reputable used car dealership — and shows a camera crew around his lot, previewing some of the vehicles he has up for sale. “This one’s a steal…cause my boy stole it,” he says at one point. Smino arrives on the scene as a customer looking to purchase a “hoopti” to take on tour with him. After some haggling, the pair makes a deal, and Smino drives off the lot a happy customer.

The 40-date tour will take Smino across the globe, with stops in Australia & New Zealand, the UK, Coachella, and coast to coast US dates. You can check the video out above!