Watch Snoop Dogg Pull A Gun On Donald Trump In His New ‘Lavender’ Video

Donald Trump’s presidency has elicited quite a wide-range of powerful, angry responses, but nothing quite like this. In his new video “Lavender,” a take on the on the BADBADNOTGOOD and Kaytranada’s ‘IV’ single, Snoop Dogg goes all the way out, pointing a gun on someone made up to look like “The Donald” in full clown makeup.

In an interview with Billboard, Snoop expounded on what inspired him to make the video.”I feel like it’s a lot of people making cool records, having fun, partying, but nobody’s dealing with the real issue with this f**king clown as president, and the sh*t that we dealing with out here, so I wanted to take time out to push pause on a party record and make one of these records for the time being.”

He also doesn’t care what Trump or any of his supporters think about the imagery. “When I be putting sh*t out, I don’t ever expect or look for a reaction. I just put it out because I feel like it’s something that’s missing. Any time I drop something, I’m trying to fill in a void.” Adding, “When I watch it against other music videos, this one has a message and a story. It looks like a film. I’m just proud of the entire piece altogether.”

Check out “Lavender” above.