Snoop Dogg Launched A Profanity-Laced Tirade At Donald Trump For Calling Out Marshawn Lynch

Snoop Dogg is no friend of Donald Trump, this has long been established. So when Trump went out of his way to admonish Oakland Raiders running back Marshawn Lynch for sitting during the American national anthem and standing for the Mexican national anthem before the Raiders game in Mexico on Sunday, naturally Snoop came to Beast Mode’s defense in one of his trademark, profanity-laced Instagram tirades.

“F*ck Donald Trump, bitch,” Snoop said in a minute-long Instagram video while watching some news coverage of Trump’s response to Lynch sitting for the anthem. “They should suspend your dumbass, mothaf***a, all the goofy sh*t you do everyday. When you gon’ get suspended mothaf*cka? F*ck you.”

Snoop then voiced his support for Marshawn, saying, “I’m with Marshawn Lynch.” The rant continued with Snoop dropping more F-bombs on Trump and shouting out LaVar Ball for refusing to thank Trump after his son LiAngelo escaped persecution for shoplifting in China, supposedly at Trump’s request. “Stand up for the Mexican mothaf*ckin’ national anthem. We f*ck with Mexicans, n—-, they the homies. F*ck you, b*tch. F*ck you Donald Trump and everything you stand for. LaVar Ball, good looking out, I wouldn’t have thanked that mothaf*cka either. F*ck you. ‘Shoulda left them in jail.’ What kinda n—- is you, man? Garbage.”

And finally, Snoop ended the video with a message to all of America, criticising and dropping an F-bomb on Trump one last time. “‘Merica y’all should be ashamed to call this piece of sh*t ya’ll president,” he said. “He ain’t mine, f*ck him.”

Check out Snoop’s entire tirade above.