Sonny Digital Says Your Favorite Trap Rappers Are Probably Faking Their Street Credibility

Atlanta producer Sonny Digital doesn’t pull his punches in interviews — or on Twitter, for that matter — and says what’s on his mind, even if the truth isn’t always what fans and colleagues want to hear. In a recent video clip with Montreality, which you can watch in full above, the lanky producer points out a few uncomfortable truths about the rap game and the MCs who get by on an inauthentic street image created for marketing purposes only.

“People who really be trapping, they not really good rappers like that,” he posits. “Some of them [are], a select few. It’s like the person seeing it and not the person doing it is always able to translate it and raps a little better.” He does give those observers a little credit, though, granting that, “If somebody’s watching, then you in the trap too. It’s dangerous just being in there. If the feds kick it in, everybody’s getting the same charge. They got the right to talk about the same sh*t too.”

The outspoken beat maker also provides some insight into just how those popular songs get on the radio. “That song going crazy on the radio, that’s payola,” he admits. “Somebody’s paying the radio station to play the song, so it’s not like it’s genuine plays or people genuinely liking the music.”

Aside from his perspectives on shady industry politics, he also continues stumping for producers to get paid fairly, and reminisces about Dragon Ball. In all, it’s an intriguing insider’s view on just what goes on behind the curtain in hip-hop. Hopefully, it doesn’t ruin the magic for anyone, but thankfully, the genre is broad enough that there will always be plenty of music to enjoy, even if the radio won’t play it.