Two Soulja Boy Beefs Flame Up Over The Weekend

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Soulja Boy has no love for Lil Boat. This weekend, the two rappers got into a particularly messy social media beef over model India Love. You can find all the details and screenshots of now-deleted posts over at HipHopDX. Basically, Lil Yachty was claiming that he is dating India Love, which pissed off Soulja Boy to the point that he began to drag Yachty as a “groupie” for old, admiring texts he sent to Soulja. Then, he posted texts that were from India claiming she’d never even met Lil Boat.

Most of these posts have now been deleted, but even if Lil Yachty is ready to let it go, Soulja Boy is still poking at the situation a bit:

Still, this tweet from Yachty does seem endlessly relevant:

Either way, it looks like Soulja will have another bit of Instagram-drama to fix his attention on. TMZ reports that a blow up this past August when Soulja Boy threatened his ex-girlfriend Nia Riley, and who he thought was her new boyfriend, has landed him in legal trouble. In an Instagram video Soulja Boy specifically threatened to kill Riley’s new man in an Instagram video and put a $10,000 bounty on his head. Except the guy he threatened wasn’t dating Riley at all, in fact, she didn’t even have a new boyfriend — the whole thing was caused by an internet troll.

Now the man Soulja threatened, Skrill Dilly, has filed a lawsuit against Soulja seeking damages and coverage for medical expenses. He says the threat triggered medical conditions, and furthermore, convinced the mother of his child that he wasn’t a safe person to be around — he hasn’t seen his daughter since the threats came down from Soulja. On his end, Soulja claims the gun in that video was fake, and he has yet to comment on the lawsuit. It might be a good time for him to lay low on social media for a while.