After Their Beef, Soulja Boy Boots Lil Yachty Off His Mixtape With Lil B

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In the midst of a somber, tumultuous week following the unexpected news that Donald Trump will be our next President, Soulja Boy is having a great day. The spirited rapper is going about his business, posing on cars, tweeting about phone calls, and generally having a good time.

This decision to live life according to the normal Soulja Boy playbook can also be considered a useful form of protest. Chance The Rapper uses the hashtag #BlackBoyJoy a lot, and when I look at these photos of Soulja doing the things that make him happy despite the political climate, that’s what I see.

But not everything about Soulja’s day has been positive. He recently got into a tiff with Lil Yachty via social media about Yachty’s assertion that he was dating model India Love, who Soulja has been close with in the past. Though it eventually blew over after India claimed she’d never even met Yachty, Soulja is apparently not over it. Lil Boat was slated to be on the forthcoming Pretty Boy Millionaires 2 mixtape, but now he is not.

In a new interview with XXL, Soulja explains that he doesn’t want to work with Yachty following the beef:

“Me and Lil Yachty started beefing so that shit is dead. Lil B is my brother though. That’s the original Pretty Boy Millionaires anyway. Lil Yachty was never in Pretty Boy Millionaires. We were just going to put him in there to make it fun and make it dope. Y’all probably aren’t going to get no Soulja Boy-Lil Yachty music. We probably made like four of five songs but yeah, that shit is over. If y’all get PBM 2, it’s probably just going to be me and Lil B. It ain’t no beef though. Shout-out to Lil Yachty. Keep doing your thing.”

So, the beef is bad enough that Soulja doesn’t want to work with Yachty, but not bad enough that he won’t wish him well? He also told XXL that a week from tomorrow, on 11/18 he’s dropping Real Soulja 4 Life. We’ll see what happens with that. In the meantime, here’s some more shots of Soulja looking carefree.

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