Steve Harvey Responded To Pusha T’s ‘Story Of Adidon’ Diss With A ‘Family Feud’ Freestyle

There wouldn’t seem to be much overlap between the worlds of Pusha T and Steve Harvey. After all, one’s a rapper and record label president from Virginia who apparently used to sell dope and occasionally talks about it in his music, while the other is a 61-year-old comedian who frequently points out his distaste for hip-hop in favor of classic R&B like the O’Jays. Yet, every once in a while, those worlds do meet, in the strangest and most delightful of ways — in this case, a Steve Harvey freestyle clapping back at Pusha’s “Steve Harvey suits” line from his May Drake diss record, “The Story Of Adidon.”

The line in question, ostensibly a diss toward Drake, actually winds up insulting Drake’s dad and Steve Harvey as collateral damage. When Pusha barks “Monkey-suit Dennis, you parade him / A Steve Harvey-suit n—-a made him,” he means to disparage Drake for having his dad in his music, on his Instagram, and in his whiskey ads, but by picking Dennis Graham’s flashy suits to malign specifically, he apparently also riled the ire of the Family Feud host, who used his show’s platform to respond — four months after the fact, because again, Steve Harvey doesn’t listen to rap.

“You think I care what a rapper thinks of me?” Harvey sarcastically inquires. “I don’t give a sh*t what a rapper thinks of me… Who the f*ck is [Pusher T]? Who is this broke ass boy? Where did he come from?” He then goes on to rap a classic old-man freestyle to really hammer the point home. It’s … not good, but it’s really funny. With all the rap beef that’s popped off in 2018, this really is Peak 2018 Rap Beef.