Stop The Madness: A Bus Driver Gives An Unruly Female Passenger An Epic Uppercut

In written statements to RTA police, three witnesses said Lane struck Hughes before he punched her. Two of the witnesses said Lane was intoxicated when she got on the bus. According to the statement Hughes gave to RTA police, he said Lane boarded the bus without paying, as she said she had “left her bookbag.” Hughes closed the door and drove to the next stop. Hughes said Sept. 25 he did not wish to pursue charges against Lane. He signed a refuse-to-prosecute form Sept. 26.
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Yes, the female was out of control and wrong for hitting the bus driver. But the bus driver’s reaction was excessive, he must keep his cool and realize he is dealing with a woman. He should of just ignored the woman and not let the altercation escalate. That sort of blow could have killed her. I’m pretty sure he could have knocked out Mayweather with that punch, I’m shocked she was able to get up after that.

What sort of punishment if any do you think the bus driver deserves?

Video: The Female Hit In The Video Speaks On The Altercation