Stop The Madness: Be Very Careful With Who You Let Watch Your Kids

07.05.08 10 years ago 24 Comments

And across the country today, a 16-year-old Georgia boy is behind bars on suspicion of child abuse. Investigators in Lee County received a tip that he’d posted a video on the Internet of himself launching an 8-month old baby into the air by throwing his weight onto an inflatable pillow where the baby lay.

Video shows the baby bouncing into the air, landing feet away, hard, on the floor. Though it’s difficult to believe, reports indicated the baby was not seriously hurt, though its cries are gut-wrenchingly audible in the video aired on the web today.

Full Story: Examiner

I had to watch the video a few times to believe what I was seeing. Some of the most cruel shit I ever seen, who would think to do this and on top of that tape it. I hear way too many horror stores about crazy baby sitters. In another story a a seven year old was not so lucky:

A Johnstown girl is scheduled to be sentenced today in the death of her 7-year-old half-sister earlier this year. The girl, 16, told police her sister became unresponsive after she and her boyfriend body-slammed, karate chopped and kicked the child, imitating a Mortal Kombat video game.

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