Stop The Mandess: A Shooting Takes Place By The Empire State Building & 19 People Are Shot Overnight In Chicago

08.24.12 7 years ago 6 Comments

The cold-blooded killer, wearing a business suit and carrying a briefcase, pumped a pair of fatal bullets into one victim near the 33rd St. entrance to the skyscraper, a witness told the Daily News. Seven others were wounded, none too seriously, before the shooting stopped just after 9 a.m
Full Story: NYDailyNews

Nineteen people were shot across the South and West sides from Thursday evening through early Friday morning — 13 of them wounded over a 30-minute period, authorities say.
Full Story: Chicago Tribune

Gun violence remains an major issue in the U.S. New York has some of the most strict gun laws but that can’t prevent random acts of violence like this. In this case a man decided to kill his ex boss after being fired and wounded seven others in the process.

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