Stormzy’s ‘Gang Signs & Prayer’ Short Film Depicts The Struggle Between Fast Life And Righteousness

Short films seem to be all the rage in music these days. Drake, Common, Jhene Aiko, Meek Mill, and even Fergie have all tried their hand at upgrading the standard music video format to a full-on narrative, which allows them to flex other creative muscles that may get overlooked in a three-or-four minute-long clip.

The latest artist to create a longer visual is England’s Stormzy, whose “Cigarettes And Cush” video played around with the concept of narrative storytelling, but again, that was one song accompanying a simple, short story. The short film format of Gang Signs And Prayer, which is also the name of his excellent album from earlier this year, allows Stormz to explore a longer storyline that follows a young boy from the “ends” growing through his harrowing experience into a damaged grownup.

Interspersed between the narrative sequences, Stormzy performs songs from Gang Signs to reflect his young protagonist’s internal struggles as he tries to make the right decision between the proffered options: Street life or righteousness.

Directed by Rollo Jackson, Gang Signs & Prayer is Stormzy’s attempt to illustrate the struggle of so many young men from impoverished areas and difficult conditions. He says, ​“There ​are ​so ​many ​things ​that ​steer ​us ​in the ​wrong direction ​however, ​we ​decide ​what ​happens ​in ​our ​own ​lives ​and ​like ​my ​album, ​I endeavored for ​this ​film ​to ​portray ​just ​that. ​Derived ​from ​my ​album ​Gang ​Signs ​& ​Prayer, and ​written ​and directed ​by ​the ​legend ​that ​is ​Rollo, ​I’ll ​let ​the ​visual ​do ​the ​talking.”

Catch the full movie above, and listen to Gang Signs & Prayer, the album, at Stormzy’s website.