The Only Thing Better Than This Drama About Rapping Angels Is Its Name

The massive popularity of Lee Daniels’ Empire musical drama may have created something that I’m afraid we may never truly recover from. Ever. Certainly not if John Singleton’s upcoming television series about rapping angels sees the light of day.

The talented man who gave us Boyz n the Hood, Shaft, Baby Boy and so many other classics is taking his talents to the small screen with Straight Outta Heaven. I kid you not. This is real life and totally not one of those fake articles your gullible friends share on Facebook.

The hilariously titled Straight Outta Heaven was picked up by The CW and is being described as a “faith-based, hip-hop-infused guardian angel drama.” For a better reference, Deadline says to think along the lines of Touched by an Angel-meets-Ghost but with an “urban twist.” My God. I can see it! I’m already thinking, “dead hip-hop star (Omar Gooding) returns to Earth as an angel to guide young rapper struggling to leave the street life behind while also grappling with his embarrassing pottery addiction.”

Singleton is working on Straight Outta Heaven with Dallas Jackson, a writer and producer best known for the 2007 BET Star Cinema claassic, Uncle P, starring Master P.

Speaking with Deadline about the series, Jackson says the new project is geared towards “urban youth” and people who watch Madea movies on opening weekend, adding, “The CW is the perfect home for this new kind of hero we’ve created whose superpower is faith.”

I’ll admit. I wasn’t sure about this going in, but I may have been sold on the description. Or, soul-ed. If they add BTNH’s “Crossroads” as the theme, Singleton may find himself with a hit show on his hands.

(via Deadline)