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RealTalkNY was in the building for the annual Hot 97 Summer Jam last night. This year’s lineup included Kanye West, Lil Wayne, Alicia Keys, The Dream, D-Block, & Public Enemy. Rihanna was suppose to be there but ended up doing the MTV Movie Awards instead. Unfortunately I was still getting my tickets during The Dream’s performance, but I saw the rest of the show.

Videos and the rest of the review below

When I finally landed to my seats Alicia Keys was surprisingly already performing. That caught me off guard since it was like 6 something. Alicia first surprise guest was Maino who of course performed, “Hi Hater.” Alicia then brought out Raekwon, Method Man & Ghostface to do clips of, “C.R.E.A.M., ” Ice Cream,” & “M.E.T.H.O.D. Man.” I’m those rappers were there to keep the flow of the performance going since she is an R&B singer. She looked great and was enjoying herself and her singing capabilities are never in doubt, so she gave a solid performance.

Next up was a change of pace in the form of D-Block. I don’t think it was a good idea for them to play clips of there biggest songs and then not perform them for an intro. They still had the crowd hype and singing there songs words for word. Then the stage got extra crowded when, Red Cafe, Fat Joe, & Fabolous came out to perform the , “Paper Touchin Remix.” D-Block also brought out Cnn and LL Cool J came out and killed it. D Block was cool but I would of preferred more of there hits performed.

T-Pain came out two stepping with top hat on. He wasted no time bringing out Shawty Lo to perform, “Dey Know,” which got everyone hype. Then he bought out Miami in the form of DJ Khaled, Rick Ross, Fat Joe(well he got a house there) & Ace Hood. The ladies got gassed thinking Ace Hood was Lil Wayne, smh. Performance was cool.

Next up was Lil Wayne, the crowd was extremely hype to see him hit the stage. He came out doing, “A Milli,” follwed by his verse on the ,”Dey Know Remix.” He then does, “Duffle Bag Boy,” with Playaz Circle.” He does a couple of tracks and then starts playing the guitar. bad idea because he sucks at it lol, in the video you can hear girl saying wtf, lol. He then does, “Leather So Soft,” and then makes a horrible decision. He proceeds to perform Pussy Monster for 5 minutes which felt like an eternity. All the guys in the audience were being put to sleep by the third verse, and I think even the ladies got the point. He then does Lollipop which got everyone hype and brought out Kanye for the remix. I was not impressed by Lil Wayne’s performance at all, there is mad shit he could of performed to make his set poppin, It was a let down to me.

Next up was Kanye West performing, “Diamonds are Forever.” He had an elaborate setting with a lot of lighting, trying to bring some of the, “Glow In The Dark Tour,” feeling to hit set. He then does, “Champion,” “Get Em High,” & “Jesus Walks.” His performance was cool but it was annoying you can barely see him due to too much smoke and the main screen being turned off. Kanye brought out Consequence and later Young Jeezy to perform, “Put On.” He did a freestyle which I already posted, performed Flashing Lights with a model walking on stage & ended of with, “Good Life.” I was hoping for, “Big Brother,” followed by a Jay-Z appearance but was disappointed again. Kanye did a good job, but after seeing the, “Glow In The Dark Tour,” i wasn’t too excited for this one. Would of been better with less effects & smoke and more of Kanye just spitting.

Next was Public Enemy which was a performance I had to sit down for. I mean I like some of thier music but they was preaching waaaaaaaay too much. People in the audience weren’t even listening, they was playing lollipop in thier head. They were just out of place and took too long to get to songs people may know, they didn’t even perform, “He Got Game.” Then Flavor Flav got on the mic and would not let go of it, to the point I was hoping they would cut his mic lol. He did his thing with that dance he does though lol. Public Enemy need less talking and to perform songs people in the audience knew.

The surprise special guest turned out to be Jim Jones & Juelz. I was hoping for 50 cent to pop out since T.O.S. is on the way, but it ain’t happen. Jim Jones performed Certified Gangstaz and then Juelz got the crowd poppin with, “Santana’s Town.” At that point I had enough and dipped.

The show ended way earlier than last year, and I think last year was a better show. I got to say I was disappointed, with Lil Wayne & Kanye at the same show I was expecting more. But get a second opinion on the so because maybe my standards and/or expectations were too high.

 Lil Wayne Performs With Kanye West


Kanye West Performance

Lil Wayne and Kanye

Alicia Keys & Wu-Tang

T-Pain Brings out Miami

D block is Paper Touchin





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