The Internet’s Syd Prepares To Stand Alone With Her New Song And Video, ‘All About Me’

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The Internet’s Syd breaks out her new song and video for “All About Me” from her upcoming solo album, Fin, now set for a February 3rd release.

For Syd, the new project is a breakout in the making for the past several years. She’s spent time as a member of the Odd Future collective and frontwoman for The Internet, who saw their well-received project from 2015, Ego Death, garner Grammy consideration. Now, she’s writing and producing new material solely for herself, which explains the confidence put on display in the new single. Her words capture the notion that she’s full of contradictions just like everyone else, but she’s also very secure in who she is and who’s in her corner, standing in support of her solo mission. And she’s clearly focused, as heard in lyrics like,”Today I’m only human, but know that when I die, my grave gone be my music, My soul is living through it.”

“All About Me” is available for stream and purchase right here. Check out the full tracklist for Fin below.

Fin tracklist:

1. “Shake ‘Em Off”
2. “Know”
3. “Nothin to Somethin”
4. “No Complaints”
5. “All About Me”
6. “Smile More”
7. “Got Her Own”
8. “Drown in It”
9. “Body”
10. “Dollar Bills”
11. “Over”
12. “Insecurities”

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