Syd Returns With Her Seductive, Soothing New Song ‘Body’

Managing Hip-Hop Editor

Syd’s proving her new album Fin is one to watch for in terms of records set to release in the first quarter of the new year. Following the release of the project’s first single, “All About Me,” The Internet frontwoman and producer returns with a second new number called “Body” and it’s her at her absolute best as she crafts a tune meant to calm all fears of the lucky person she’s pursuing. Produced by Melo-X, the slow, willowy beat meshes perfectly with Syd’s lilt vocals and she coos lyrics brimming with confidence.

“I’m watching you dance
You’re watching my hands
Throw it back babe
Give it to me don’t hold back babe
If your friends could see you right now
No lying girl I bet they’d wanna be you right now”

The song’s draw is it plays to Syd’s signature strength: those vocals. Her delivery is never strained, always delivering with a come hither appeal that’s warm to ears and imagination. So far, she’s two for two with both “Body” and “All About Me,” which reinforces the prediction that she’s just warming up for what should be a musical journey that begins when Fin releases on February 3. Check out the full tracklist for the project right here.

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