A SZA Fan Rapped His Own Verse Over ‘Doves In The Wind’ And It’s Utterly Fantastic

11.20.17 8 months ago

One of the best parts of the music internet is that it has broken down the barriers that previously existed between artists and their fans. For instance, when an artist like SZA puts out a groundbreaking debut album like CTRL, it can inspire her fans to build upon it with their own additions. SZA, aka Solana Rowe, is always down to interact with her fans, and today she shared a guy who wrote his own verse to her pussy-praising anthem “Doves In The Wind.” Even though the song already includes a verse from the greatest rapper alive, Kendrick Lamar, this fan, a rapper named Roe, more than holds his own.

His verse covers everything from prioritizing knowledge and relationships over casual sex, to struggling with jealousy and boundaries when it comes to hook ups, and even whether old or new Drake is where it’s at. Not only are his bars on ten, but the guy works a selfie camera angle with an aplomb that I can only dream of achieving — and all this while smoking on a hefty blunt. No wonder it caught the ear and eye of SZA herself. Watch Roe’s additional verse above, and listen to the original below for context, if you need to. One final thing — remember to never trivialize pussy.

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