T.I. Strikes Down Gucci Mane’s Claim That He Invented Trap Music

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Over the past decade, trap music has effectively turned into the new pop music and T.I. has taken issue with Gucci Mane crowning himself as the inventor of No. 1 genre in the world. On Friday (April 6), Guwop posted a vintage photo of himself donned in white fur and heavy ice, clearly from the early beginnings of his Trap-rapping career, followed by the caption: “The Day I Invented Trap Music.”

It’s been a long-disputed matter concerning who the Trap music crown belongs to, however, the Grammy Award-winning rap star did release his sophomore album Trap Muzik in 2003, completely pushing the now, super popular genre and phrase into mainstream glory. Gucci released his first project, Trap House, in 2005. Tip made sure to reiterate this fact on Instagram today (April 9) with a screenshot of Trap Muzik‘s Wikipedia page.

“Ok, so…. AGAIN for the slow ones in the back…,” the Grand Hustle boss wrote on Instagram. “August 19th, 2003 Birth of Trap Muzik & Only fools dispute facts!!! FOH wit that Christopher Columbus ass… “Look what I discovered, even though they was already here ass shit!!!!” WITCHO GOOD CAPPIN ASS.”

The topics of drugs, dope dealing and whipping crack in the kitchen certainly isn’t a green subject within the realm of hip-hop. Its subgenre trap, which essentially combines the aforementioned themes, mixed with the sounds of triple high-hats, booming 808 samples and snappy snares, have taken over the radio. Being that hip-hop is currently the most-listened to music in the world, properly crediting who started the movement is important for hip-hop historically and it’s hard to dispute the fact both Gucci and Tip are both equally important to trap music’s massive, mainstream success.