Lil Wayne And T-Pain Just Released A Joint Mixtape Titled ‘T-Wayne’

Over the past ten years or so, both Lil Wayne and T-Pain have featured on so many songs by so many artists, that it seems only natural that the two have crossed paths more than a few times. They’ve appeared on songs together too many times to list here, and now the musical bromance has come full circle, since the two just released a batch new songs together.

Last night, T-Pain took to Instagram to post what appears to be cover art for a project called T-Wayne and captioned the image, “I’m feelin reeeeeaaaaalll spontaneous right now #2009 #TheMissingPageInTheHistoryBook.” He then posted the same image on Twitter and wrote, “Do it? #TWayne.”

T-Pain went on to clarify that the project would be more about some unreleased tracks from 2009 than any recently recorded material, tweeting, “This ain’t for y’all new n*ggas. These the lost files from ’09 and I’m tired of em just sittin on my hard drive. #FreeC5.” Around the time this material would have likely been recorded, the pair released their first two singles together: Lil Wayne’s “Got Money” and T-Pain’s “Can’t Believe It,” so it doesn’t feel like a big leap to say that T-Wayne could have a vibe similar to those tracks.

T-Pain followed through with his threat and shared the eight-track mixtape on Soundcloud. He also made the album available for free download here. Give T-Wayne a listen above.