Takeoff Is Sending Up Shots On His First Ever Solo Single ‘Intruder’

First Offset dropped a track. Then Quavo followed up with something under his own name earlier this month. Now, Takeoff has become the third member of the Migos to issue a solo single. The Atlanta rapper’s debut track is titled “Intruder” and its produced by OG Parker, the same person who also manned the boards for Quavo’s first solo endeavor “Paper Over Here,” and who worked with the threesome as a group on their song “Slippery.”

Technically, “Intruder” is Takeoff’s second turn as the only man behind a microphone on a track, following his spotlight moment on the song “Unleashed” from the Migos Back to the Bando tape. As you no doubt guessed from the title, “Intruder” is about someone breaking into Takeoff’s space and all of the consequences that come from that foolhardy action. “Intruder try and tell ’em ‘fore I send them shots up at your cerebellum / It’s a warning sign in my backyard said ‘Do not enter’ / I got the right to killa / Potato peeler how a n**** peel ya / Cannabilism, my dawg eat him / No Halloween but I might trick-or-treat him / Or July fourth him and take his freedom.”

You can listen to Takeoff’s new song “Intruder” in the Soundcloud embed above.