Taylor Bennett Delivers A Breakthrough Late-Night Performance Of His New Single ‘Streaming Services’

Taylor Bennett continues his climb into the mainstream with his late-night debut featuring a live band and the brand new single he released just days ago. The Chicago rapper — who also happens to be Chance The Rapper’s younger brother — hit the stage at The Late Show With Stephen Colbert to perform “Streaming Services,” an ode to the struggle of an independent musician and the art of faking it until you make it.

Backed by his own band and rocking a shirtless suit, Taylor bops his way through the new song with instrumental breaks and backing vocals provided by his guitarist. After the bridge he whips off his jacket for a passionate finish to the approving swoons of the crowd.

While “Streaming Services” may be Taylor’s formal introduction to the larger audience provided by late-night exposure, he’s certainly no stranger to the independent hustle he sings and raps about on the track. He put out his Be Yourself EP last summer, following a string of releases that includes four mixtapes and three other EPs since 2013. While self-financing videos such as Be Yourself single “Rock N Roll,” Taylor also distinguished him by joining the small cadre of openly out LGBTQ hip-hop performers that includes names like Frank Ocean and Tyler The Creator when he came out on his birthday in 2017.

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