Tee Grizzley Shows Off His Newfound Status In The Flashy ‘Colors’ Video

Nevermind having a breakout year. In 2017, Tee Grizzley had the kind of single day that most artists would dream of. Last June 15th, LeBron James posted himself vibing to Grizzley’s “First Day Out” smash. Later that day Jay-Z said the song was “the best out” in a longwinded salute to the rappers he admires. Those weighty co-signs solidified the Detroit rhymer’s status as an artist to watch. Grizzley was the perfect name choice, as his gruff, street-oriented music has made waves beyond his native Motown. That’s sure to be the case with “Colors,” a new single and video he released today.

“If you in Detroit and see a Wraith that’s my shit,” he lets us know amidst the track’s eerie keys. Grizzley goes on to talk his sh*t for the remainder of the 3-minute track, flashing his newfound status as a D-town money maker and bemoaning the people that are “mad” about it. The video juxtaposes his glamorous lifestyle with the gritty realities of what some people are involved in to achieve such financial comfort. He takes us to the corner of Ashton and Joy, which is presumably the neighborhood he grew up in and honed his craft. While masked men loom around him, he flexes his jewelry and urges haters to “do something.” What we’ll do is just continue to enjoy his output and look out for his upcoming follow-up to his My Moment album.