Tekashi 69’s Girlfriend Claims The Rapper Did Leave $100K For The Mother Of His Child Before Going To Jail

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The Tekashi 69 saga continues. The 22-year-old rapper made headlines on Monday (January 7), after the first photo of him since his November arrest appeared online. The photo was posted by his current girlfriend Jade and displays the pair cuddled in a somewhat intimate embrace. The photo was the source of minor controversy when, the following day, Tekashi’s ex-girlfriend, Sara, the mother of his three-year-old daughter, took to Instagram live to respond to the image.

Apparently, the display prompted her to express some frustration with how she and her child have been treated by the incarcerated rapper. She explained that while the pair had been together for seven years prior to his turn to rap stardom, following the success of his breakout hit “Gummo” and their subsequent split, she witnessed a change in the rapper: “In a matter of a year, I seen everything make him the ugliest person ever.” She also claimed that she had been the target of harassment by his fans. “He’s letting people attack me out of straight bitterness.”

However, the most controversial allegation that Sara has leveled against her ex-partner is the claim that while Tekashi purchased Jade a new Mercedes for Christmas (which she proudly flaunted on Instagram), the rapper failed to get anything for his daughter Saraiyah. Now, it seems the rapper’s girlfriend has spoken up to refute those claims. In a since-deleted, Instagram comment in response to a fan, Jade wrote that Tekashi 69 had given Sara “$1000 in Christmas toys that they didn’t want to accept.”

How much of any of this is true is hard to verify. What’s more certain though is that this probably won’t be the last time news we hear about the rainbow-haired star.